Cameron believes in environmentalism

June 11th, 2006 by Gavin Ayling

Cameron believes in protecting the environment but many people think that’s not a normal Tory position.

It is. We believe in recycling. There is only so much oil so to waste any on making plastic that could have been recycled is illogical at best. In fact that’s key to Conservative pragmatism. We understand the needs of man and we understand how to protect that.

There’s a lot of nonsense said about the need to recycle. Paper, for example, when produced in renewable forests, is no worse for the environment than is sweetcorn. In fact, in many ways it’s better. Ming accused us Conservatives of being against environmental protection when the truth is we’re against taxation as a ‘green’ incentive.

The main reason to protect the environment is ultimately for the long term benefit of mankind. If we destroy ourselves in the short-term trying to bring about this ideal world, what was the point? So Conservatives are for recycling. This must be why, then, Conservative Councils recycle more of their waste then other parties’ Councils.

Society hasn’t yet worked out how to stop climate change or even whether it can be done without harming humanity. There’s also the possibility that climate change is a natural phenomenon.

One thing you can be sure of, though, is that if and when a solution is found it won’t be taxing cars and flights. It won’t be encouraging people to use buses. It won’t even be making trains cheaper than planes.

No, when the solution is found it will be technological — much like recycling, the answer is not to not-use but to find solutions.

And that solution will be best implemented by Conservatives.

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  1. James M wilkins Says:

    it is time the David (dave) Cameron pissed off to the Liberal Democratic party and let a REAL Conservative become leader. I served my time as a blacksmith, was a member of the Boilermakers Union and I was, until lately a Conservative, even when I was the only Conservative supporter on the shop floor.

    Now ?????????.

    I still believe in Conservative principles, but the party now does not. Trying to be the new Tony Blair will not win elections. Mrs Thatcher, please, please come out of retirement and save us as well as the party.

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